Have you always wondered what it's like to win a Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament?  Consistently?  What if you could dominate local tournaments and gain the respect of your peers?  

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How Are You Doing At Local Tournaments?

I’m Josh Graham– an avid Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I absolutely love this game. I watched the episodes on TV and played the game with my friends. I played and played and played until I couldn’t play anymore. I really wanted to be the best in the whole world – like Yugi. The problem was I wasn’t very good. I tried every method to get better. I was reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and playing as much as I possibly could. I had the top decks, I played the right strategies but I just wasn’t seeing the success that I wanted. I thought I could do better. I thought there was more.

What were those things?  Those critical missing elements that will create breakthrough results at local tournaments?


I've Traveled the WORLD playing Yu-Gi-Oh! by being sponsored by various Card Shops and Websites...

Thought of Traveling The World To Compete?

I thought the answer was finding better competition to play with – so I traveled to Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments hoping to play and learn and get better. Although I was doing okay – I wasn’t winning very often. I spent years of my life traveling to every tournament I could and spending thousands of dollars trying to keep up with the ever-changing game. I even wanted to stop playing many times – I couldn’t understand why those who were successful kept winning and I kept losing.  That wasn’t the answer.

I decided that no matter what I would do – I would get better at Yu-Gi-Oh. I talked to my friends who all told me to watch YouTube tutorials, to read articles on all of the Yu-Gi-Oh blogs online, talk to all of the best players I could find and practice like crazy. When it came down to it, I improved a little by little but I still felt like I was still missing that grace, the way the cards flowed out of the best players hands. I was missing the magic. I was missing the real keys to success.

I KNEW there HAD to be a way to be more consistent playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

One Night It All Hit Me

Everything I had been trying to do was wrong! Everyone kept saying that it was the “way” or the correct way to get better at Yu-Gi-Oh and it was all wrong! I couldn’t believe what I had encountered – a way to win at Yu-Gi-Oh that goes much deeper than just playing Yu-Gi-Oh. With this new found strategy – I set my sights on a goal – to actually go and win a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament.

It took practice and it took a lot of relearning. I had to forget everything I thought I knew about Yu-GI-Oh. I wanted to start fresh with a clean slate and no preconceptions about anything. It took some time but after I learned this method, I started winning. A lot.

The most amazing thing I found was that this could be taught to anyone.  And it doesn’t take thousands of dollars in travelling to learn it, or years in the playing circuit.  I’ve been helping players get better at Yu-Gi-Oh for years. I’ve been helping people win their local, regional and topping and even winning Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series tournaments.  This just works, and I’ve proven it time and time again.

Instead of teaching it a thousand times to people, it’s all right here for you in the CSP system.  I wanted to make this available to everyone! I wanted to give everyone an equal opportunity to be great at Yu-Gi-Oh.


I pulled all of these ideas together and tested each idea until I KNEW it worked.  I've taken that and created a comprehensive method to do EXACTLY as I have in my Yu-Gi-Oh! Career...

Introducing The Card Sharp Pro System

The Card Sharp Pro System or CSP is a system designed over a decade of experience and a winning record at local tournaments, and even topping several YCS Championships.  These are the techniques I used to achieve that, all within CSP.  The systems are based on concepts, techniques, and unconventional strategies that, when implemented, yield tremendous results.

Yu-Gi-Oh! a great game, and I’ve spent most of my life playing the game.  Many people might even be scared to try the game because it’s so intimidating, but with this video I’ve removed that fear.

Playing this game at a world class level is now an available option for everyone.  Here’s what you’ll get with the Card Sharp Pro System:

There isn’t anything else like this on the market.  Everyone is keeping their tips to themselves, but that’s not helping the game evolve.  That’s what we’re doing here at CSP, and with our system you’ll go in and dominate the competition, making it fun for you, and more accessible to everyone who learns CSP.

When I adopted the concepts of CSP, I started sweeping my local tournaments that I played in, winning every local and regional level tournament I entered. I was amazed. It barely even mattered what deck I was playing. I would switch it up a lot to make sure it wasn’t just a really powerful deck.  But I’d proved it to myself, and to various opponents that adhering to the concepts of CSP really worked.  It all just clicked.

I spent years in card shops, and years at tournaments talking and playing against the masters of this industry. Here’s more about what you’re going to get with the Card Sharp Pro System:

With the Card Sharp Pro system, you will have everything you need to build up your skills and start winning tournaments, just like me.

I’ve been in direct communication with Konami corporation, and been sponsored by several pro card stores, and they HATE me for doing this product… but this is for the players, not the corporations.

What Are Customers Saying About CSP?

I just started playing, and within 1 week I dominated my local tournament using CSP techniques.  This works, no question.

Jose Castillo Gomez

I had 0 regional tops before I met Josh and within just TEN days of preparing after the September 2013 ban list was revealed he helped me Top 32 YCS Toronto!

Jack Ran YCS Toronto Top 32 Competitor

After spending years in the tedious grind that is competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!, I look back and ask myself what would have happened if i knew everything i knew now, back then. Now there’s no second guessing yourself years from now, the information and resources are right at your finger tips with CSP.

Bohdan Temnyk, 2nd place ARGCS Charlotte

CSP is the culmination of years of Yu-Gi-Oh! training and experience, that was obvious in the first 2 minutes of this mind blowing video series.  I have been winning locals and winning prizes constantly.

Austin Carreiro

The Underground System That Gives You The Skills To Win Is Finally Here!

In This Training You'll Discover...

The Biggest Secret to Our Success is our constant market research that keeps our Training Course Relevant and Current

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